TikTok vs YouTube

Today, we will have a look into the Digital business and revenue model of two of most popular and our favorite video streaming platforms – You Tube and Tik Tok Business and Revenue Model of You Tube YouTube was created to sway people away from the disruptions of watching videos on TV and making viewers wait for their favorite scheduled shows. They wanted a platform … Continue reading TikTok vs YouTube

Search Engine Marketing and Link Building

Have you ever wondered about the importance of search engine optimization and link building? Don’t you worry, here I am to give you an idea and share my experience about it. So, I have been recently hired as a digital Marketer for a supermarket that we will call Supermarket X in the United States to improve its online marketing but I needed to convince the … Continue reading Search Engine Marketing and Link Building


Welcome to yet another blog by your favourite digital marketing expert. Jokes apart, expert or not, every digital marketer is aware of the digital marketing funnel and they use this in all their digital marketing strategies. Let us understand the basics of the digital marketing funnel. The name funnel symbolizes that from the target audience only few end up buying a product (Financieras, 2021). Let … Continue reading THE DIGITAL MARKETING FUNNEL